When is the Best Time of Day to Workout?

I get this question pretty often. Most people want to know the best way to get the maximum results for their effort. I think that is fair, I mean don’t we all? Any time we can save, and get closer to our goal, we want. It’s the world we live in.

I do get worried though, when the people that are asking me how to be the best, or make it perfect, or do it “right”, are the people that aren’t actually doing anything. Usually I get this question from the people who I can’t get to make a meal plan and follow it, I can’t get to commit to a program, they don’t want anything to do with anything that costs money, but they want to do it “right”. This freaks me out.

That just makes me feel like they are looking for a reason why they can’t do it, instead of focusing on how it can be done.

I feel like if I say “morning” then it gives them an opening to tell me they are not morning people, they work too early, or they can’t use their blender to make their post workout shake because their kids and husband are asleep in the morning LOL! Trust me, I’ve heard it all.

If I say night time, then it gives them a reason to tell me they are too tired, or their kids don’t go to bed early enough, or their husband won’t share the TV during prime time, and a whole slew of other craziness.

So here is my answer:

The best time of day to workout is…WHENEVER YOU WILL FREAKING DO IT!!!

I don’t care at all when you get it in, just get it in.

My best friend set an alarm for 8 am for a year straight, in an attempt to get up and workout before work. For a YEAR she hit snooze and did not workout. One day she decided to go at 8 pm instead. She has been working out regularly for 3 years now. (Shameless plug you can follow her on Instagram at @sharaspaleokitchen).  She is smoking hot and does not workout in the morning ever.

I understand you want results, I swear I do. I understand more than many people. Just please do yourself a favor and stop looking for reasons that you can’t make it work, or proof that you are at some sort of inherent disadvantage, and just totally screwed from the jump.

Actually doing ANYTHING is going to be better for than making a perfect plan that you never implement.

As Toby Keith said… a little less talk and a lot more action 😉

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