Free 5 Day Meal Planning Challenge!!!

Free 5 Day Challenge

Yep the FREE 5 Day Meal Planning Challenge is BACK!!! If you would like to join us just go to http://bit.ly/jointhefreechallenge!!!

So you know we all get off track now and again, I know that even though I’ve lost over 100 lbs, travel or celebrating will still get me off track if I am not careful. After my last big trip back in September I knew I had to lock it back up before the wedding or I’d be sorry!

I put together a really simple 5 day challenge where I teach meal planning, provide a meal plan, hold people accountable to 30 minutes of fitness each day, give each member a buddy for the week, and we all weigh in together at the end.

My last group lost 163 pounds as a group, in 5 freaking days!!! I followed along and took pics of myself, so I could visually show you what 5 days can look like if you commit with me.

We are going to start a new group on Monday!!! If you would like to join us just go to http://bit.ly/jointhefreechallenge and follow the steps in your welcome email =D

I hope to see you there <3

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