Best Ways to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss

One of the most common questions I get in my inbox, or on my Facebook page, is about my skin.

I have lost 109 pounds, and 21 inches came directly off my waist. People see pictures of me and ask me where all my loose skin went. They want to know if I had surgery, or if I used some of those crazy BS wraps, or spent hundreds on special treatments. To this I usually reply puzzled, because I have loose skin, and it’s freaking everywhere.

You see this title is a trick. YOU WON’T BE AVOIDING IT.

The wraps are crap, the treatments are a waste of money, surgery is some serious business.

I joke that I my arms cheer me on during workouts by clapping around, and that they don’t make pants tight enough to contain my stomach area during anything that has jumping in it. The number of sports bras required goes up with the intensity of my workouts.

People ask “What is the best way to avoid having loose skin after I lose all this weight?” and I say, just don’t bend over LOL 😉

Now please realize that the slower the weight comes off, and the more heavy weights you lift, you can still tone and shape underneath and it DOES make a difference. There just isn’t some big secret out there that is going to solve your problems.

I realize that the perception that I don’t have loose skin is  my own fault. I don’t put pictures of it online, I mean uh hello, don’t we want to look good in pictures online LOL???


Usually you see pictures of me like this:

how do i avoid loose skin after weight loss


Or this:


how do i avoid loose skin after weight loss


So over the last couple of weeks I looked for scenarios where my skin was exceptionally annoying and snapped some pics of it. I had plenty, since that is like every second of the day, and these 3 I think make the point the best:


how do i avoid loose skin after weight loss

how do i avoid loose skin after weight loss


how do i avoid loose skin after weight loss

I even threw in one from the wedding that I was upset about when I first saw my arm, but then ended up using on our holiday card this year, because that was a great moment, no matter what my arm looked like:

Loose arm skin

Yeah it annoys me that no matter how nice my triceps get, no one will ever be able to see them. Of course it annoys me that Snow walks around flexing his abs all day and mine are under what appears to be a flesh covered jello mold gone awry. I get down on myself for letting my body get to the point, that no matter what I do to it, it’ll never be “what it could have been”. It sucks.

Here is the thing: Every time I start throwing myself a pity party about this, I remember that this is the price of admission to the incredible fairy tale land that is my life. I get to use these stretch marks, this skin, and all the pain that left no external scars, to help change the world.

Every day this loose skin is a symbol of a life I lived to prepare me to deliver a message to women all over the world. Every life experience I had wearing this skin, has been used to touch the life of another woman on this planet.

If it was a dark moment of contemplating suicide, or a happy moment of crossing the half-marathon line still well over 200 pounds. The lowest of the lows in blacked-out drunkenness, or the highs of a new record weight lost, or even better, new record weight lifted 😉 From sexual assault, to kind accepting passionate love in marriage. From hiding in fear and insecurity, to standing on a stage helping others fight fear, from bankruptcy to financial freedom…I WAS IN THIS SKIN.

I have chosen to make my mess my message, and it has rewarded me with incredible friendships, a thriving business, an amazing team, unimaginable freedom and an incomparable marriage. I wonder, how many people out there would trade their tight toned skin for this incredible life???

Your body is the only one you’re going to get. It is the only place you have to life and it has seen you through EVERY experience you have EVER had. You will live and die in this body. Every scar is a record of a moment in time that you were ALIVE. Hating it is a slap in the face to every moment of joy you have ever had.

In short: Relax it out about the damn skin already and go LIVE YOUR LIFE <3

As always if you are ready to get support, motivation, education and life change, from someone who has been there and is REAL; I’d love to be your coach. Just message me on the CONTACT page =D


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