There is a Better Way: Why I don’t promote quick fixes and fad diets.

Do have any idea how hard it is to stay focused with all the crap out there?
To stay facing my own true north?
Honestly I bet you do.
When I started my journey I swore I wouldn’t go down the road of insane quick fixes, extreme diets, fad nonsense, or expensive programs ever again.
After 15 years of eating disorders, yo yo dieting, liquid diets, mail order food, “doctor” weight loss programs, starvation cleanses, silly wraps, and thousands of dollars spent out of desperation, I WAS DONE.
Then I did the impossible.
I lost 110 pounds working out, only supplementing with REAL whole dried foods.
I learned to cook, I learned about food, I learned about fitness and long term health.
I read books, I changed my mindset, I healed my pain.
I freaking did it.
I wanted to tell the world. Scratch that, I wanted to SAVE the world.
I shouted from the rooftops, I needed to tell EVERYONE that they didn’t have to keep living the way I was living before.
There was HOPE!
I helped so many women find their way, learn and grow, and have the same success.
I showed them a better way, over and over again, I educated and empowered people.
It was absolutely amazing you guys. I can’t even. There aren’t words.
I’m sitting here 7 years later, having maintained that healthy lifestyle for years, but postpartum and frustrated at how much slower it goes when you’re not sleeping, getting interrupted by the baby, and trying to find any semblance of normal.
I’m seeing my Facebook feed full of crazy things and the shiny objects catch my attention. I’M HUMAN.
I see the friend losing double digits a month on a bunch of shakes a day, or the girl taking a “challenge” and over working her body, while under eating.
I see people jumping on bandwagons of extreme, unsustainable, diets or obsessing over tracking.
I have a small twinge of jealousy, a peak of curiosity, and a bit of defeat, each time.
The thing is, my mission hasn’t changed.
I want women to know they are supposed to be eating, 1200 calories is bullshit. I don’t want women to be afraid of their relationship with food or obsess over it.
I want to give women back control over their eating and fitness. I want to change mindsets and help them make changes stick.
I want to teach them balance, consistency, and self love.
I will never promote something that is going to give people a quick, temporary win, followed by “yet another” fall off.
Women are so beaten down and exhausted by the time they show up asking me for help. I will not pile on to their pain by setting them up to “fail” at another weight loss attempt.
I take each journey seriously and I respect what every one of you has been through before getting to me.
I know it’s hard and I KNOW I can teach you a better way.
I want you to know that happiness and health don’t have to be excruciating, or temporary.
To show you that your dreams are not only possible, but very very probable.
I am not for everyone and that is okay.
It is MY true north <3
P.S. I made a cell phone wallpaper version of this quote and saved it to my phone. It is in the comments.
The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, will point blank not like you. But it is also filled with those who will love you fiercley. They are your people. You are not for everything and that’s OK. Talk to the people who can hear you.
Don’t waste your precious time and gifts trying to convince them of your value, they won’t ever want what you’re selling. Don’t convince them to walk alongside you. You’ll be wasting both your time and theirs and will likely inflict unnecessary wounds, which will take precious time to heal. You are not for them and they are not for you; politely wave them on and continue along your way. Sharing your path with someone is a sacred gift; don’t cheapen it by rolling yours in the wrong direct.
Keep facing your true north.”
~Rebecca Campbell

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