How Can I Get Accountability & Support for My Weight Loss

I get this question a lot. Obviously my first suggestion is to see if you are a good fit for one of my support groups. A group of people on the same path, with access to the same tools, can provide an incredible atmosphere of support and motivation. Obviously I want to provide that for everyone, but I realize that I can only help so many people myself, so what do I tell them?

I give 3 major tasks when starting a journey. They may scare the crap out of you, but they will absolutely work!


1 – Co Workers: Choose the three closest co workers you have. You know the ones. The ones that ask you to lunch, take longer breaks than you should, and chat the most about your life. Let them know you are SERIOUS about this. Ask them not to invite you to lunch, not to bring you treats, and not to make fun of your food.

You spend 40+ hours a week with these people, that’s more awake hours than your spouse sees you lol. Their behavior and opinions matter! It will affect you.

This might seem both scary, because then you actually have to follow through, and awkward, because it might make others feel uncomfortable about what they are not doing. This is usually hard because people don’t want to let other people see them fail on a goal.

The thing is, you really do stay on track when more people know about your goals, so you are less likely to fall off.  Don’t expect them to jump on board, and stay on board, with you, but if it’s a respectful relationship they should be more than happy to meet your needs =)

2 – Spouses (or Roommates): This one might seem easier, or waaaay harder, depending on who you live with. The thing is, you deserve respect in your own home, and it’s not too much to ask that the people you live with behave in a way that doesn’t sabotage your goals.

This does NOT mean they have to start eating healthy and going to the gym with you. You do not get to force your goals onto another person. It simply means that they will respect some reasonable boundaries that you set.

Some simple ones that really helped me are:

  • Do not complain about my cooking or anything to do with my healthy food. You don’t have to eat it, but keep your negativity to yourself.
  • I will absolutely not cook you a separate meal. No. No chance. Hell No.
  • Don’t interrupt my workout unless you are on fire, and even then, call 911 instead.
  • I promise to stick to my workout time each day, but that time is mine, so don’t complain about me using the TV.
  • You can eat all the TacoBell you want, but it doesn’t cross the threshold of our door. Nope. Maybe TacoBell isn’t your jam, but it’s mine lol.
  • If you need a box full of candy, fine, but not in the kitchen. I hear the trunk of your car is a great place to keep a box of candy =P

The thing about picking some boundaries is that people may test them. Heck they may test you. This is probably not the first time you’ve decided to go after something this way, so they’ve probably seen you falter before. Stand strong so they know you are SERIOUS.

The more you take a stand, the more you won’t want to look like an idiot, so you’re going to stay on track way longer than if you constantly try and fit it around everyone else!

3 – Social Media: Yes I’m going there. This is the one people fight me on the hardest, but it’s also the one they are the happiest to have done!

I suggest you announce your fitness journey on social media. You don’t need to say what you are doing, or post every single thing you do, but letting people know you’d like the support goes a long way.

A simple post letting people know that you are excited, you’d love their support, and you hope they’ll enjoy your future posts about your progress, is usually perfect.

This always gets a wonderful reaction, often times from the people you least expect. It really sets people up for starting their journey in a more confident and supported place. Even better, people usually want to do it with you! Everyone is looking for accountability.

I know these things can seem like a lot, especially if you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon a few too many times to count. I promise that if you are really serious and ready to change, they WILL HELP!

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Of course, you can always reach out to me to join a support group as well, if you want to find some more like minded fit friends to travel the journey with you <3



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