My Yearly “Financial Fitness” Support Group Is Back!!!

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Yep it’s baaaaaaaaaaack!!!! You guys hopefully know by now, that as part of my story and transformation, I also learned a ton about money management and I love to give out that info for FREE.  Get on the list at http://bit.ly/GetFinanciallyFit Can’t wait!!!

I have been bankrupt, and I’ve made six figures, and either way, this information was relevant and necessary for long term success in finances =)

Think about where you are at right now in your finances. Would you benefit from me teaching you step-by-step, how I paid off over $10,000 in debt in 9 weeks AND got $1000 in my savings account, for the first time EVER??? Would it help if I held you accountable to doing these things every day for 100 days???

If you know you have some financial goals for 2015, and you know you need help to reach them, please go to thttp://bit.ly/GetFinanciallyFit to get details and join us!

I only do 1 of these groups a year because they are a serious commitment. As always, only accepting 100 people. Hope to see you there!

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