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Anyone who knows me, knows that my transformation has so much more than physical. Most people know that I had previously lost 50, and 30 lbs, multiple times, before actually keeping it off. People ask me all the time, why was THIS time the one that stuck.

My answer to that is always the same. This was the time that I worked on the INSIDE, while I worked on the outside. My journey through 100 pounds of physical body being shed, also included countless amount of insight, wisdom, gratitude and happiness being gained.

I have spent almost 5 years devouring every personal development book, class, podcast, blog and audio disc I could find. I have had personal 1-on-1 mentors, therapy, and incredible growth experiences that have forever shaped my life. They have changed the way I look at the world, and most importantly myself.

I have managed to bring the basic day to day formula, along with education, support, accountability, and positive like minded friendship, into a free online support group here on Facebook. You can join us at  http://bit.ly/60DaysofHappiness.

If you know that in 2015 you want to find more joy in your daily life, be a better parent, partner or friend, and just be generally HAPPIER, I want to help you, for FREE. If you are COMMITTED to learning to live a happy, positive and grateful life, please join my group today at http://bit.ly/60DaysofHappiness <3


60 Days to Happiness



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