Do You Think I Want EVERYONE to Be Coaches? I Do Not.

I think it’s interesting that when people find out what I do, they immediately think I am going to try and sell them on joining my team, being a “sales person”, or tell them “quick get all your friends and family on these shakes” LOL!

I wonder, has it ever occurred to them that I don’t actually want everyone on my team? Do you really think I want EVERYONE to be coaches? I do not.

Frankly I care too deeply to have my emotions wasted on people who want me to create success for them, instead of with them. I have no desire to have surface level relationships, make sales with no service or support, and just collect a check either. I’ve worked in sales my whole life, I could do THAT anywhere.

I certainly don’t plan to convince anyone of anything, I won’t play the product comparison game with you, and if you have more excuses than you have results, you can keep those right where they are. I’m not interested.

My vision for my business is very simple: I will use my life experience and HELP THOSE WHO WANT HELP to the absolute best of my ability. While doing so I will get to know as many people as possible, at a deeper level, and enjoy the human connection. From those people I intend to find my small handful of WOMEN THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD with me.

I’m not looking for thousands, I’m looking for 5.

All I want is 5 women in my life that are insanely committed to growth, LOVE business, want to help as many people as they can. I want women with vision, passion, incredible work ethic, positive nature, empowering hearts and brilliant minds.

I want to brainstorm with these women, I want to laugh and cry with them, I want them to be role models for my future daughters, I want them to hold me to a higher standard than I hold myself. I want to call them my friends, for life.

I want women who want their own 5. Together we will all build the lives of our dreams.

Entrepreneurship is NOT for. everyone. If you would rather watch TV than volunteer for a cause, if you would rather sleep until noon than tackle your Saturday, if you like your life easy and never want to make any new friends, if you let fear rule your life instead of excitement … it’s not your bag. I’m not your girl.

If I met you at a bar and you were rude to the waitress 10 seconds after we met, you’re out. If we chatted at the gym and you were gossiping about other members, nope not you. If we became friends through a group on Facebook, and all you post is negative crap, yeah… no.

When it comes to my customers, this page, my blog, or all my free groups, etc I will help anyone that needs my help and asks, I do not question who I am meant to serve.

As far as my team, my true inner circle, goes: I’m here for those who want something different, who want more, who know they have greatness inside them and want to share it with the world.

I know that women as dedicated, driven and passionate as I am can be harder to find. We live in a world of excuses, victim mentality, gossip and reality TV stars. Many of us have already settled. That’s okay, I’m certain these women are out there, and I know they are worth the wait.

I will keep looking until my mission is complete. I will find my 5.

Maybe one of them is you…

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