#nofilter Leadership

I don’t believe in being an untouchable leader. No amount of success will ever separate me from the people I am blessed to work with every day.I know a lot of leaders are “too busy” and come off as perfect and put together all the time. That’s just not me.

I have shared my journey on social media since day 1. You have been here for all 110 lbs lost, all the debt paid off, all the trips earned, and more.

I have never kept the bad from any of you, it’s my goal to be a REAL voice in a sea of marketing and photoshop. I mean, I’m using IG filters of course, but you feel me LOL!

The one thing I’ll never do is ask my team to do anything I’m not willing to do myself. I’ll never hide the hardships, I’ll never deny the self doubts or pretty up my past.

Sometimes, as a leader, people can put you on a pedestal. They can assume you are always strong, always have it figured out, and are always on point, even if you’ve never asked to be put there.

The fall from grace is far when you are up that high. I’d rather just stay a little closer to the ground 😉

Most the time I don’t consider myself the leader of anything anyway. There are too many people in my life that I am learning from every day, to think I’m leading anything. We are all just leading each other, and we all know more about some things than others, which makes us incredibly strong together.

I am just here to share my experiences with you all, be a positive influence on what I can, stay committed to becoming better every day, and serve the world side-by-side with people who share my vision.

I’d love to get to know any of you who are looking for a passionate group of women to be a part of, who know you want to strive for excellence, and who would love to be a force for good in this world.

I’m just an email away at amber@creatingadestiny.com and I’d love to hear YOUR vision <3


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