Doing Things Before You Are Ready is How We Grow

Watching my daughter is a great reminder that we MUST do things before we are ready, in order to grow.
She wants to sit in the big chair, drink her water out of the big cup, use the big spoon…all of the things.
As I watched her refuse the high chair and climb into the regular chair, that was way too far away from the table, and then almost stab herself in the eye while insisting on drinking out of straw lol, I thought … how cool is that?
She’s NOT content to do what she ALREADY KNOWS how to do, she wants to do MORE.
She’s messy, and awkward, and it doesn’t quite fit, but she gets better at it every time.
It never occurs to her that she may not be good at it, that she might “fail”, or that it might not go well.
Never a thought to staying in her lane, to not getting ahead of herself, or waiting for someone to say it’s okay.
As she does this more and more, she masters what she was once wobbly at, and then reaches for something bigger. Never afraid, never content.
There is no destination, there is no pinnacle, there is no “I’ve made it” where she puts her feet up and stops growing.
That IS life.
Not just life as a kid. NOT just life until you are 18, or graduate college, but ALL life.
Growth, change, discomfort, challenges, experiences, until you leave this earth.
You are not done. You have not “made it”. You are NOT all that you will ever be.
There will always be a bigger chair, a bigger spoon, and a longer straw, until you take your last breath. Don’t be afraid to climb up and eat at whatever table you desire.

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