If You Don’t Ask … the Answer is Always NO!

My husband Snow and I have been together for a little over 5 years. For 5 years he has been picking me up from the airport. For 5 years I have been disappointed every time.

My parents set a very high standard for airport arrivals as I grew up and started traveling. I never landed at my hometown airport without the entire family, and maybe like an extra cousin and pet, waiting at the end of the terminal for me. There was almost always food or presents involved.

You can say I have a bit of a thing about airports now LOL.

For 5 years I have been hoping to see Snow waiting for me inside the airport when I got off a plane. For 5 years he has waited for me to text him, and picked me up outside after I had all my stuff with me to save time, and I have said nothing about it. I made up stories in my head about not being important or me caring more about seeing him than he did me. I mean that must be the ONLY logical reasoning right?

Here is the thing: Snow does NOT have “a thing” about airports. He would probably rather hitchhike home than have me get him when he lands. I don’t think there is music playing and people running toward each other in his image of the baggage claim wink emoticon

Well guess what? Today I just ASKED if he would park and come inside early.

He did.

I was so happy.

Um … WTF???

You mean if you just tell people (especially men) the things that are important to you they’ll do them??? Just like, ask for what you want? Huh. What a concept. Should have tried that 5 years ago 😉

I am grateful that have someone that loves me enough to come get me at all, or the fact that I even have places to go, and I’m extra happy that I used my words today and got to hug him first thing off the plane.

If there is anything on your mind that you aren’t getting because you think “they should know” or “I shouldn’t have to ask” you are full of shit. Just ask. Or you can always just sit there and be mad about it for 5 years and feel bad I guess LOL.
I don’t recommend that tactic =P 

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