I Left This One for Last, This One is For You Mom <3

There are moments when I want to quit. There are moments I want to settle. There are moments I feel like a terrible leader and an inadequate woman. There are moments I feel like no matter how hard I try it’s never enough.

Then there are moments like this.

When I was a little girl, every holiday my mom worked so hard to make sure we looked our best for Christmas. It was always a struggle and just when she thought she she had all three girls wrangled, it came time for my shoes.

Without fail, my dress shoes didn’t fit. There we’d be, every last penny stretched for Christmas already, and me considering wearing my sneakers with my holiday dress to Grandma’s house.

A trip to Payless was eminent, if they were still open lol, and it never went well. I don’t know where she found the money or the patience.

Today I spent my evening with some amazing ladies, wrapping easily over 100 gifts, that my incredible coaching team donated.

We adopted a family together and have been blessed enough to sponsor a single mom of 6 kids, ranging from 15 years to less than a week old.

I left this one item for last.

When I was shopping for the items for this family, a saw these shoes and as I picked them up I held them tight for a minute, and just remembered.

The little girl may not remember it, but this gift is really for her mom. One less thing to worry about this year. One less opportunity to feel the never ending pressure she’s under.

These are the moments that make it all worth it. Moments when all the people who roll their eyes at what I do for a living don’t matter, where all the coaches who’ve quit, or people who’ve criticized me just don’t matter.

These are the moments I know I am in the company of incredible human beings, committed to helping the world, and changing lives, in every way possible. Moments I am certain I am making a difference.

This moment is for you Mom <3

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