I’m Not Bossy, I Have Leadership Skills …Understand?

Have you ever been broken up into groups and think, “Oh I’m going to be the group leader… step aside EVERYONE ELSE” LOL ? Are you the one who always has an opinion and always makes the plans for the group? Does everyone come to you for advice, like about everything? Do you get this look when someone says something you know isn’t right?


You’ve probably heard my story about losing 110lbs, overcoming major depression, moving on after divorce and fighting my way back from bankruptcy.

I talk a lot about being insecure, afraid, and quiet. ALL of that is 100% true. The thing is though, I’ve always been a leader. When I bothered to speak, people listened.

I was a bossy little kid, I thought I new everything, and I’m still pretty sure I did 😉 I did most the work in group projects, if we were playing a game, I was in charge of the rules. If it was Monopoly, I was the banker or I wasn’t playing.

I did want to be loved an accepted, so I made poor choices sometimes, but if we were getting in trouble I was probably NOT an innocent follower. Chances are I led =P

I’m the friend that will get in a guys face for disrespecting a friend, or argue over an injustice until I get my way. I’m not mean, but if something is not right, you’ll hear about it. I know all the good nail salons, and all the bad ones, and I’ll tell you all about it if you ask.

My poor mom had a hell of a time saying no to be, because I’d just make my case and then wear her down. I think any guy I’ve ever dated would attest to the same. They know the look in this picture all to well LOL.

I always have a good deal to share, a tip or two to help, and some totally unsolicited advice for you 😉

Yep that is me. IS IT YOU?

You may not see it yet, but THIS IS LEADERSHIP. If you connected with this, YOU ARE A LEADER. People are already following you.
Too often, when women act like leaders they are put down. They are called bossy, or told to be quiet, and be more reasonable.


You have an incredible gift, and an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to use your natural influence to create REAL and LASTING change, for both yourself and others.

I had no idea what was possible until someone helped me find my voice. Until a good mentor, and a strong community, gave me the space and direction to use it to serve the world.

Helping people the best hairdresser or restaurant is awesome. Changing lives and impacting the world, that’s untouchable.

You may not realize right now, but the world is waiting for your leadership. I would love to help you grow into it <3

I am looking for just a few strong women who are ready to really lead others, while I lead them. A team of just 5 ladies who are ready to learn and grow, while they guide others to do the same.

If you would like to do something more with the leadership skills you’ve been blessed with, email me at amber@creatingadestiny.com so we can chat. Help me show the next generation of girls that BOSSY IS NOT A BAD WORD.

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