How I Know My Husband Is Absolutely Perfect … Even When I Want to Kill Him.

Everything that makes me absolutely crazy about my husband, is everything I desperately need. When I am at my weakest, only his strengths can help me find my way. I think it’s safe to say that God had a plan when he put this man in my life <3
I struggle with balance. I worry to much. I take on too much. I give too much. On a regular day it doesn’t phase me in the slightest. It’s how I work, and it keeps me going.
When I find myself having given too much, for too long, however, I break.
If I don’t stop and take care of my soul, my desire to feed others’ souls fades. If I don’t have someone to talk to, my ability to listen to theirs, diminishes. When I don’t have a leader to follow, my passion for leadership all but disappears.
When I am not helping others, I cannot find my purpose, and I lose the beauty and purpose of being alive. I don’t see the point.
I found myself there last week. Too much, for too long, and I didn’t want to do ANYTHING.
Luckily for me, I have the perfect husband for when one doesn’t want to do anything!
LOL seriously. I am constantly frustrated that he’s not as driven as me, not as proactive, business minded, and focused as me. I never understand how he can just sit and watch TV, or read comics, or play video games.
I get resentful with all that I’m doing and send him hate glares from the kitchen when I’m meal prepping and he’s watching 10 hours of football. I’m like how can you just SIT there!? Why aren’t you DOING something!?
Here’s the thing, that’s not how he was designed, and it’s because he’s exactly who I need. Just because I think it’s not what I WANT, doesn’t mean it’s not what I NEED.
If I was married to someone like me:
-They’d be too busy when I’m having a meltdown.
-They’d see spending the day eating salads and getting donuts, before football and Netflix, as a waste of time.
-They would already have plans when I asked them to run away with me for the weekend and ignore the world.
-They’d argue when I want to go to dinner out of the blue.
How do I know that? Because that’s what I do.
I usually don’t need anyone. I don’t need taking care of. I don’t need to talk. I don’t need validation. But when I do, I NEED IT ALL and someone like me, could never give me what I need.
I just spent 4 days “off” just being with my other half, and it was exactly what I needed to come back ready to ROCK this week.
I love my work, I love my team, I love to create and I love to connect. The way he loves me helps make it possible for me to share my love with all of you.
I know it can be hard to respect how different your other half might be. I know it feels like you have the “right” way. I am pretty sure I’ve questioned if my husband was an alien a few times.
The thing is, they are your partner for a reason. They were not placed in your life by chance or accident. I hope everyone stops and not only respects, but appreciates, something about your partner today. Perhaps this applies to your parents, best fiend, or children instead.
The point is the same: The people around you are gifts, treat them as such <3
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