How Your Beliefs are Sabotaging Your Journey

Let me tell you a story that came to me after my post yesterday. Before we go further I want to say that this is NOT meant to be a bash on my husband, ex-husband, or my friends, in any way. This is about MY choices only. I am simply sharing this with you only in hopes of helping you change your mindset.

If you believe in God, do you not see his presence and proof that he exists everywhere you look? Do you find good or beauty in the world and tell yourself, God is good? Does childbirth strike you as a divine miracle?

If you do not believe in God, do you ever see proof of his presence? How is it that someone who does not believe in God can be standing right next to someone that does, and witness the same things and consider them science, nature, or something else? How can two people stand there and one and marvel at the biology and the other a miracle?

It’s because your reality is based on your beliefs.

It’s based on ALL of your beliefs: The ones about people, about the world, and of course about yourself.

I have a type. Yep a type! Not just with men, but with friends, jobs, etc. I have spent my life surrounding myself my people who reinforce my beliefs about myself. THAT is how one gets a type.

I have chosen friends and partners with better educations, and who value knowledge over skill. Their beliefs of the world do not align with mine, but they do with the way I feel about ME. I pick people who are “book smart” as they say, so that I can prove I’m the stupid one.

Every guy I’ve ever dated, and every best friend I’ve ever had, has been far more physically fit than I am. I choose people who either do not struggle with weight, or have far better discipline than I do. This way I can always be the fat one.

I choose people who are not serious, or driven, when it comes to work and planning. This way I can prove to myself that no one ever comes through for me. It shows that I have to do everything myself. I get to prove to myself that people will let me down and it’s easier to be alone.

I partner with people that are not good with money, so that I can always be broke. I’m still proving to myself every day that I’m too poor.

I decided very early on some negative things about myself. A few years back I wrote a blog post called “I’m Too Fat, I’m Too Poor, I’m not Educated, I’m a Fraud, and I’m Just Not Good Enough”. Those are my limiting beliefs. Because I CHOOSE to believe these things, I spend my life PROVING to myself that they are true. Why? Because your reality is based on 100% your beliefs.

Two people could be standing side-by-side and see me in completely different ways. Those two people watching childbirth see things completely differently right? What do you think could change their mind? Not much. Maybe a near death experience that helps one find salvation? Maybe a horrible tragedy that has the other give up on their faith completely?

Short of something that drastic, beliefs will rarely change UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO. It isn’t easy to change beliefs, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it CAN be done. Regardless of age, location, gender, race etc. YOU can believe anything you want about yourself, and the world around you, and you can do it without major life event!

I am very lucky that Tim O’Kelley, and the Benchmark Discovery Course, came into my life when they did. I really think EVERYONE should attend this course and I’m excited there is one up here in WA while I’m here!

Discovering my beliefs was the key. Now that I know WHAT my beliefs are, and where they come from. I’m actually able to start moving into believing something else. I plan to spend the rest of this year, and the rest of my life, redefining WHO I AM based on what I WANT to believe. I invite you to do the same <3

Just as you are given the power to believe in God or not, you are given the power to believe in YOURSELF.

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