Woman Crush Wednesday – Mackenzie O’Kelley

I hope you didn’t think that just because it was #WaterParkWednesday, that I forgot about #WomanCrushWednesday!!!! I didn’t and I am stopping to tell you that this week I am crushing on Mackenzie O’Kelley!!!

Some people fawn over figure competitors and gush over celebrities on #WCW. Not me, I take this opportunity to LOVE all over women from my real life that I respect, admire, and adore <3

Anyone who knows Mac knows that she is more than deserving of a little recognition. This woman is absolutely incredible and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

I feel like I have gotten to watch Mac grow up. When I first crossed paths with her over 3 years ago I could tell she was something special, but I really had no idea how true that was.

Watching Mackenzie grow into herself has been incredible. She is so smart and talented and touches so many lives. She gives all of herself, ALL of the time. She supports everyone around her with a heart of gold. No one has ever had a negative word to say in her direction.

What has been most incredible to me has been watching her turn into an amazing business woman. She is all smiles and flowers in the hair, until it’s time to work, and then this lady lets the secret #girlboss out.

Sometimes it looks like she is singlehandedly running the whole Benchmark Courses byTim O’Kelley show. I’m pretty sure that’s because she is LOL!!!

It may be weird, or condescending, or something like that, to say you are proud of someone you consider a peer. I’m not sure. All I know is when I look at her, I am inspired, filled with love, and so excited for her future. The world is so lucky to have her.

Mackenzie O’Kelley you are AMAZING. Thank you for being my #WCW <3 <3 <3


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