Thank you, Fad Diets!!

Every time a new nonsense weight loss fad pops up on the scene I just have to stop and say thank you. The more crazy it is the bigger the thanks. Some of these companies make me want to send them a gift basket for how much easier they make my job 😉

I’ve been at this coaching thing for almost 5 years. I’ve been at this weight loss game for about 25. I’ve seen it all. I seriously mean ALL, you can’t even try to shock me anymore.

You want to eat 500 calories and shoot your body up with hormones and be prohibited from working out? Uh okay. Let me know how good you feel this time next month.

I know, I’ll only eat powdered food and shakes until I am “ready to learn to eat”. That sounds sustainable, I’m sure that “doctor” knows what they are doing and deeply cares about my future more than his pockets 😉

You know sounds fun? Lets’s wrap ourselves in plastic and goo. Don’t worry about where the fat goes, just keep doing it every 6 weeks until you die. Seems legit :p

Oooh I’ll get pills filled with fiber so I don’t want to eat. Starving our bodies is so good for our thyroid right? That won’t cause major problems later. Oh wait you mean now I’m on meds for a thyroid problem?

I have an idea, let’s wear patches that look like nicotine patches and get our energy there instead of real food. That’s going to help me live longer I’m sure of it. I want to rock these until I’m 80 :p

Let’s pay HUNDREDS of dollars for pre-made food to be mailed to me, and even though I can’t pronounce what’s in it, I’ll only eat that. That won’t interrupt my life at all and I only need to take out a second mortgage to keep it up lol.

Yep I’ve done everything, I could go on all day. When you weigh as much as I did, for as long as I did, you get desperate! Every pill, shake, cleanse, wrap, shots of vitamins, doctor supervised clinic, and diet plan catches your eye. I GET IT.

So how does all this craziness make MY job easier?


The people who are sick of trying everything, wasting money, and feeling helpless end up IN MY INBOX. Heck, that’s how I ended up here!


I lost my 110 pounds over 18 months. That was 4 years ago. It wasn’t crazy fast. I’ve lost weight before, but KEEPING it off. THAT is the real goal right?

There is absolutely NO REPLACEMENT for real food and hard work. NONE. I provide the real thing, from start to finish, no short cuts. I believe in REAL.

People looking for a quick fix, and easy way out and a temporary solution are NOT my people. Not yet 😉

People looking to learn, grow, and permanently change, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!! People looking for a community, a genuine connection and life long habits, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!! People who want to live life instead of obsess about the scale, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!!

So to all of you who’ve tried it all, and those who are still caught up in crazy fads like I was, I’ll be here when that doesn’t work. I’ll be here when the weight comes back and you’re feeling defeated. I will BE HERE. No NOT to say “I told you so” but to say “I understand” and to help you change for REAL this time.

You can reach me at amber@creatingadestiny.com when you are ready. I WILL STILL BE HERE <3

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