I’m Not Here for the Money – Why Are You?

I have so many friends who work in network marketing. I am pretty sure I have a friend in every company that exists =P

Clothes, makeup, skincare, home goods, natural products, wine, nail stickers, adult toys, essential oils, you name it.

Recently I’ve had some people try and get me to leave coaching to join their thing, with claims of all the money I’ll make, and how much better it is.

This doesn’t happen to me very often, so when it does, I assume they’ve drank to much of their wine, or house cleaner, and are drunk LOL.

I get that we all love what we do and we want great people with us. The thing is, I never got into Coaching to make money.

I had a fantastic job, I loved the marketing firm I was at, and I always liked sales. I’ve always had a “side hustle” of some kind, it’s just my way.

I started a nonprofit in college, I had done Arbonne, and even dabbled with It Works for all of 5 minutes.

Then, almost 6 years ago, I started coaching.

I started Coaching because someone took the time to give a sh*t about me after so many years of being last.

I started Coaching because no one tried to sell me anything, they built a community around me.

I started Coaching because for the first time people celebrated with me, cried with me, and pushed me to be better, while accepting me as I was.

I started Coaching to pay THAT forward.

It turned out, after I did it for a while, that I was good at it. Who saw that coming?

Two failed attempts at MLMs before. No spare time. Not a people person. Yet, there I was, GOOD AT IT.

It turned out that this one was perfect for me.

I never had to go to a party in someone’s home so I still had my social life, I could make my relationships safely online and I could work from anywhere, I didn’t have to spend time shipping or receiving inventory, so it didn’t cut into work… the list goes on.

All I had to do was share my story and help the people who were willing to follow me.

As people put their trust in me, I stayed on my journey, and I kept getting results.

I built a business, I built a team, and I built an income.

Eventually, the same way others built a community around me, I built a community around my people, and one by one I’ve payed it forward.

I will never be able to do enough to pay forward what Coaching has done for me, but I am ALL IN on doing my best at it EVERY DAY.

I bleed the Beachbody Blue and I will as long as you all will have me. No shiny object offer is ever going to get me to forget what got me here

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