There is Never Going to be a Good Time – JUST START.

Ugh. People kill me sometimes.I swear my job was easier when I didn’t get attached to every person who sent me an email.

My walls have come down over the years, but it is for sure harder to live vulnerably.

I read these messages and as they are sharing their struggles I actually get excited.


I see myself in them, or someone I’ve helped before, and I just know they’ve come to the right place.

I think about the books we should read, the type of group that would be perfect, what we could cover on our 1-on-1 calls, the buddy they’d have, the perfect meal plan, and the best workout.

I can see it all.

The new version of them, a whole new life, one day at a time.

I know just what I’ll say on week 3 when they plateau, and I know why this time they won’t quit.

I get my hopes up.

Then they say no.

They ignore my replies for months, go with some quick fix BS, or decide what they are already doing is fine.

It f@&%ing kills me.

They say it’s too much money.


You just poured out everything you wanted in life, for yourself, your marriage, your children, and your future and you think it’s too much money???

How little do you think of yourself that the cost of a coffee, a crappy fast food meal, or less than a gallon of gas, a day is more than you are worth?


Do you think I don’t see your posts about your new tattoos, your drinks and dinner, your freshly done nails, or your red coffee cup?

I see the vacations, the excessive Christmas presents, the new pet, and all the other places you’re throwing money in an attempt to fill the void.

I see you and I call BS!

You and I could build you a whole new life with that money.

I have the solution. Let me help.

We could chip away at your years of doubt and failure, to uncover the you that you were destined to be.

You could have everything you’ve ever wanted.

Together we can do this.

Isn’t that why you came to me???

Forget letting me down. What about you? What about your kids, your family, your friends?

I don’t even know you, and I hurt for the things you are missing out on. Can you imagine is happening to the people who love you???

Don’t you see, all your excuses are just fears. All your distractions are nothing more than that.

Choosing failure before you even start has to be the hardest form of self sabotage.

It’s time to choose action instead.

It’s time to get your priorities straight.

As for me, all I can do is pour myself into those brave enough to say yes.

As for you?

You can do this, it is possible, and I am waiting to hear from you.


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