The Unseen Domino Effect of Quitting

I am laying in bed, watching my baby girl wake up, enjoying the silence, and thinking about dreams.

I chose a hard career path.

Well, a hard path for someone who loves so deeply.

I chose a path, where a part of my job will always include watching people quit on themselves.

Now I’ve had a lot of jobs, and a few careers, and they are all hard in their own way, don’t get me wrong.

As a coach just wish I could stop the domino effect of quitting.

Quitting on your fitness journey, quitting on your business, quitting on your dreams and future.

So much quitting.

It just leads to more and more quitting.

People who constantly give up, start to think that it’s who they are. That they are a “failure” and somehow they were born with this fatal flaw.

It keeps them from taking risks, trying new things, chasing new dreams, and living up to the destiny that was laid out for them.

The family, friends, followers, coworkers, etc of people who quit, also feel the effects.

Husbands don’t chase thier passions because their wives don’t.

Children quit the team, give up on the assignment, and take the easy way out, because that’s what their parents do.

Friends keep ideas to themselves, because their friends shoot down their own ideas in front of them.

People who dream of a life of freedom, instead of the soul crushing job they are in, resign to being a slave to the clock, when their coworkers give up on their side businesses.

Your overweight, depressed, unhappy friend, gets a little glimmer of hope, when you start having success.

A seed is planted that maybe there is another way, and then when you say screw it and skip your workout and have that cookie, she says to herself “I knew it” and adds you to the list of reasons she could never do it.

You see this is what happens when you give up on yourself.

You may never see it, but the ripple effect, of not pushing through the hard parts, is felt further than you can imagine.

That same ripple effect is felt when you DON’T QUIT.

That same husband starts to think about what’s possible for him.

That same child learns to see it through.

Those friends are excited to share their ideas with you.

Those coworkers spend a little more time dreaming about thier true calling.

That sad friend starts to look for more proof that dreams are possible.

Most importantly YOU start to believe in YOU.

It changes the way you handle every moment of the rest of your life.

You are strong enough.

You are smart enough.

You CAN do it.

Your actions MAKE A DIFFERENCE either way.

You just have to decide what kind of difference you’re going to make <3

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