Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle Over Summer Break

So many of my clients tell me they struggle over the summer.

Just when you’ve got a routine down, school gets out and you have to start all over again. Maybe you stay at home and now you have kids with you all day, or maybe you go to work and it’s childcare instead of school drop off each day.

Later hours, vacations, day trips, summer camp, relatives visiting, weekend BBQs…the list goes on. Summer can easily derail you.

The issue is that summer runs right into the holidays, and the next thing you know you are starting all over on January 1st!

1 – Get Up Early: I know, what a bummer. Every party needs a pooper, and that’s why you invited me =P Seriously though, getting up at the same time as you were helps a ton! Plus late mornings equal late nights. Late nights can equal poor choices or little sleep. That can lead to lower energy and missed workouts, sugar or energy drinks to get through, and other choices that snowball into an unhealthy lifestyle.

2 – Create Anchors: Pick some basic moments in your day that won’t change. Anchor a healthy activity to that moment. For instance, brushing your teeth also means getting out your workout clothes. Checking the mail also means having your Shakeology. Husband gets home at 5, drink 20 oz of water. Take things that happen at the same time every day and associate it with something healthy!

3 – Bring, Don’t Buy: With all the day trips, amusement parks, pool parties and vacations, don’t give in to buying food there. Most places either allow outside food, or allow in and out entry privileges. Either way you can bring a cooler with your own healthy food. Maybe you can all agree on one treat, like an ice cream cone, for the day and stick to your own food the rest of the time. This is also great for your budget!

4 – Plan, Plan, Plan: It is so much easier to plan healthy meals, bed time routines, workouts, etc. if you know what is coming. Plan out your dinners, plan when you’ll do your summer activities, like heading to the pool, or taking a 3 day weekend. Plan healthy snacks, make them in advance. Plan your sleep in days or treat meals. PLAN! You may not stick to the plan 100% of the time, but sticking to it 80% of the time will get you closer than having no plan at all.

5 – Choose Active Events: Get outside! There are 5ks, water parks, hikes, mom groups, summer camps, and so much more. You can skip the movie theater, ordering pizza, tv days, and inside voices. Keep that for the rainy cold days of winter. If you plan active events you will be more aware of staying in shape as well. You’re less likely to blow off a workout when you need to be ready to go for a run or hike later in the week!

6 – Involve Everyone: Resist the urge to make your healthy lifestyle something that is in spite of your family, and make it because of them. Let them pick a kid friendly 5K, let them help with the meal plan by choosing healthy dinners from a list. Have them help make the food for the trips and let them pick a treat in advance and so on. Don’t forget your spouse too! I find being included goes a long way in them not sabotaging your effots.

I hope these tips help  you stay on track this summer =) Feel free to comment with your own ideas!

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