My Top 5 Easy “One Handed” Meals and Snacks – New Mom Friendly!

Easy as in easy to make AND easy to eat.
I had a baby and regular meal prep just wasn’t cutting it. I needed things that took less time and didn’t require a fork or spoon afterwards =P
I made a bunch of things and some were too complicated, or frankly just not that good. The top 5 made my blog!
Here they are:
paleo breakfast pizza egg cups
 paleo spicy tuna cakes egg muffin tin
 Paleo egg muffins egg hash brown bacon
paleo lemon almond poppy seed muffins
paleo coconut chocolate banana energy bite snacks
As a bonus, here are the 10 Best Snacks to Stash in Your Desk (or Purse, or Car, or Backpack…) to help your easy eating needs =D

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