My Inspirational Eulogy


As part of a recent assignment I had to write my own eulogy. The experience was one of the most emotional, clarifying and inspiring things I’ve ever done. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the dreams that surfaced that I didn’t even know I had. I thought I would share my life vision with you all.  This is how I plan to live my “dash” :0)

Amber Rae Scott

I know everyone in this room would agree that Amber lived an incredible and inspiring life. She didn’t have an easy start into this world, but she never let where she came from hold her back from where she was going. She knew who she was and what she wanted.  The respect that she had for herself and those close to her was apparent in everything she did, from her health and wealth to her home and family. Her passion for life exuded from her, everyone who met her wanted to be near that level of excitement and happiness. It was clear she wanted to experience every single moment on this earth to the fullest and her positivity and gratitude that came along with that was contagious. It attracted some of the most incredible people to her life, many of whom are here with us today.

Amber was an incredible wife and mother. She always put her husband and family above all other priorities, except of course taking care of herself. Her husband was always treated with respect and she had a passionate marriage that was the envy of many. She was proud of her incredible husband and had no problem showing it. She was fully supportive of his dreams and goals, as he was of hers; it was an incredibly fulfilling partnership that she found great joy in. Her focus on communication and personal growth allowed her to enjoy marriage to the fullest and she was known for still taking romantic vacations with her husband well after most would have expected the flame to go out. They were not only still in love; they were the best of friends.

Her children always knew that they were loved and realized their full value and potential. Holidays were a joyous time at Amber’s house. She loved a reason to celebrate, and while she managed to find something worth celebrating every day, she couldn’t resist a reason to decorate or put a tradition related smile on the faces of her children. One of the most important roles she had in her family’s lives was to keep them healthy. She cooked almost all of their food from scratch, and it was a labor of love knowing they’d grow up with healthy and strong bodies to take on their lives. Her children understood the value of family and fun, as well as hard work and focus. They were always well provided for and educated to set them up for a successful and fulfilling life, but most importantly they learned to love life and follow their dreams.

Amber did incredible work with charitable organizations, namely Planned Parenthood, and other women’s rights organizations. She never missed the Planned Parenthood annual dinner, even if she couldn’t be at the dinner because of a family function; she still bought a ticket every year. She spent time fighting for their cause and was never shy about her support of the organization.

One of the best things about Amber was how much she believed in her dreams, and the dreams of the people around her.   She always made people see the possibility that lay before them, and she never hesitated to tell them how important and special they were, to her, and to the world. She never settled, but she wasn’t discontent. She could strive for the most incredible of heights and still be so grateful for the smallest of moments. Because her life was often painful and difficult she knew never to take things for granted and she remained relatable and real. She never lost sight of what was truly important.

Amber always worked hard, but she never made it seem like work. Her genuine interests in people repeatedly lead her to incredible things. She not only built an incredible business when she was younger, but went on to spend her days inspiring others to do the same. Her speaking engagements, books, trainings and blog were known as some of the best to inspire and motivate people reach their goals. Women found the most incredible empowerment in her words and actions which lead to reaching of goals and quality relationships for many. Hundreds of thousands of people’s lives were changed by her presence on this earth.

She will be missed, but please keep in mind she would have wanted her life celebrated, so no sad tears allowed. :0)

At a recent event in San Diego, Craig Holiday was speaking and he said that we all have a birth-date and a death date, but it’s the dash that really means something. What will YOU do with your dash?


    1. Oh, have fun in the Caribbean!!! I would so love to come with ya! Disney Cruise sounds aesowme and like fun! And Caribbean sounds like sun! Enjoy it! For yourself and for everybody else as well! And we defenitly want TONS of pictures!!!Bon voyage!

  1. Wow, Amber…that was incredible! I’m so glad you see what we all see in you! You are such a strong and beautiful woman…inside & out! Keep kicking ass girly!!

  2. Wow,I have been following your posts and you are such an inspirational person. You should be so very proud of what you have accomplished. Way to go.

  3. That is amazing! You are an incredible woman and you WILL live up to all that is in there. I love it….

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