Not All Weight Gain is Created Equal

I find this fascinating. I have been home for ONE DAY and I’m already getting rid of the inflammation in my body and getting back in balance with a VISIBLE difference.

This pic is our last night in Italy and then just now after my workout. People go on vacation and think they gain a bunch of FAT but in reality and weight gain on a scale is probably water and any clothing fitting tighter is inflammation and bacteria.

Our bodies are not meant to process tons of wheat, dairy and alcohol. When I swell up on trip, get super pale, look tired, and my eyes aren’t clear and sharp … it’s not because I ate too many calories!!! It’s because the food I am putting in my body is not what it is meant to be digesting. I’m attacking my body from the inside out over and over again with those choices and there is a reaction.

Think of any time you’ve hurt yourself and it has swollen up. Maybe you twisted your ankle or something and the area got red, large, puffy and painful. Your body is reacting to the injury. If you had done that, you probably wouldn’t then hit your ankle with a baseball bat over and over every day LOL. That’s the same as continuing to eat poorly for long periods of time.
Everyone is allowed a vacation, and I’m not saying if you happen to earn an all expenses paid trip to Italy that you should skip the gelato, mozzarella and wine.

I’m just saying that 1) you didn’t really gain 10 lbs so don’t act like it’s the end of the world, just get back on track RIGHT AWAY and 2) don’t let your vacation creep into your regular life because those habits are causing serious damage to your body!

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