The Hardest Part of Weight Loss is the Loneliness

hardest part of weight loss


One of the hardest things about making a major change in your life is the way it shakes up the relationships around you. You could end up questioning everything your friendships, family relationships, or romantic partnerships, are based on. That’s freaking SCARY.

When one person starts to change in a relationship it can leave the other person, or people, in a vulnerable and insecure place, not sure where they fit in to your “new life”. Many people will react with putting down or belittling your efforts, trying to sabotage you, or even threatening to leave. (If you’d like more info on that concept and how to handle it, check out my blog post at http://creatingadestiny.com/please-dont-leave-me/)

The way people react to fear of loss or rejection is shocking sometimes, yet their feelings are real. Sometimes you will shed an entire group of friends, and your whole identity! The thing is, there is a huge upsides to this that we don’t see.

The first is all the NEW PEOPLE!!! We can be so riddled with self doubt and lack of believe in our own quality as people, that we don’t realize we will make NEW FRIENDS and there are other people that will love us in our true selves as we discover whoever that is.

Also, we have a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to take the people in our lives with us. We can affect the lives of the most important people in our worlds. Even if they may be unsure at first, your REAL FRIENDS will come with you

Shara (who you can follow on Instagram @sharaspaleokitchen) is one of the people who came with me I never told her what to do, that wasn’t the point. She is a grown up and makes her own decisions and we’re equals. She did things her own way and I did them mine. I wasn’t forceful and never “made” her do anything. I absolutely “coached” her though.

What do I mean by that? As a coach, I lead by example, I provide resources when asked, I provide encouragement, I’m accepting and non-judgmental, I support positive interests, and above all I BELIEVE in people. I believed in Shara and I BELIEVE IN US as friends.

She not only lost her own 35+ lbs along side of my 100, but we learned to cook paleo together, even taking a knife skills class and sharing books, we shared resources, swapped workout programs, packed our shakeology on trips, did workouts together on Saturday mornings (after we’d been out on Friday night LOL) and more.

I am certain that I lost touch with hundreds of people from my partying days when I took on this new lifestyle. It sucked. I hurt and doubted my path.

I am humbled, inspired and blessed with the THOUSANDS of new positive and like minded people that took their place. More than anything, I am grateful beyond words for the people who never left, but jumped on with me. There were only a few, and my best friend was the most steadfast of them all.

Shara I love you so much, you have no idea how much your support of my crazy ideas has meant to my success. There is nothing like having someone 110% in my corner all the time. Thank you for always being there for me, so that I can be there for so many other

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”― Albert Camus

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