Shiny Sliver Box: These are MY Starfish

starfish story

How many people can I get to stop and read a long post about this shiny box? I feel like people stop for way stranger and lessBenchmark Courses Info cool things, so I hope it’s a lot

This is the box I keep every handwritten thank you letter I’ve gotten from the people I’ve sent through the personal and professional development class at Benchmark Courses

One year into my journey as a coach, I finally gave in to a pestering friend and went to a preview night for the class. I pretty much just signed up because he told me it was a good idea and he hadn’t steered me wrong in life yet. 

I went to the class as a shaky Diamond coach with a team mostly made up of my mom and boyfriend (now fiance) and other people I’d begged to join me. I didn’t see myself as a leader, was riddled with self doubt and insecurity, was plateaued in my weight loss and didn’t have any healthy or high quality relationships to speak of. I was all but estranged from my family, spinning my wheels with my business, and looking like I’d left one bad relationship just to end up in another one.

Then I went to the Discovery Course. I spent 3 days learning, growing, and reflecting. Most importantly I for the first time EVER really took time to look at ME. What made me tick, where my stories about myself came from, what the events in my life really meant, or rather didn’t mean. Everything changed.

I threw myself into the work, I have volunteered at over a dozen courses in the past few years, I’ve done all the other courses the company has to offer, and I’ve even gotten some 1-on-1 coaching from the owner. As of this past spring, Snow has done them all too!!!

My commitment to the work has provided me strength, confidence, relationship skills, business success and honestly the most important, incredible like minded friendships. I have rewritten the stories of my past, rebuilt relationships with family, created a whole new vision for my future, and discovered the REAL ME. Because of this, if I meet someone that clearly needs my support in these areas, far beyond the health and fitness realm, I invite them to the class.

Luckily for me being a Beachbody coach has made me pretty much immune to rejection, so I can take the eye-rolling and insinuation that I’ve joined some sort of cult. None of that matters to me, because this box is FULL of personal letters from people letting me know their lives will never be the same.

These are letters from people whose marriages have been saved, who have found their true self worth, who have rekindled relationships with family they thought they’d lost, who became better parents, spouses and friends. These are the letters of people who’ve been set free from their past and are ready to embrace their futures.

I will NEVER stop inviting people to join us in this incredible work. I hope that all the alumni who see this will comment on this post, and commit to do the same. Every person deserves a chance to fully LIVE life and LOVE themselves, it’s my job to remind them of that. They are my starfish

If you ever want more info on connecting with this company please let me know. I’d love to add your letter to this box!!!



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