I Dare You to Dream


Okay I just have to stop and tell you a story. Today was amazing. We started out with a private before hours tour of the Vatican city, including the Sistine chapel and the largest church in the whole world, St. Peter’s church if I remember correctly.


We did a “moving feast” where we got to eat food from many places and toured the art district where I saw a young student hand crafting a violin with an attention to detail and a passion I’ve never seen.


We walked through a market where there have been vendors setting up and selling amazing fresh produce since 1921, in the SAME freaking spot. All of it local, ready to eat and incredible.10563104_10101243792491917_2839774875048767375_n

A rundown of my morning is not the story I mean to tell you. I mean let’s be fair, that’s not a story.

What I mean to tell you is this. There is something that connected with me today. There is a place in my heart for this way of life. The reason that is, is because I GET IT. I get the commitment, the dedication, the passion, the perseverance, the heart and the consistency.

Creating something that takes this level of vision and belief isn’t easy. It takes ALL of you. It takes your waking moments and the moments just before sleep. It takes your heart, your soul, and your deepest burning fire.

We all have the ability to create, to dream, and to leave a legacy. What separates the ones who can from the ones who WILL is simply how far they are willing to go. Most people won’t bother. Most people will settle for whatever comes their way.

I dare you to actually care enough to dedicate yourself to something, anything, that will leave the world a better place for you being in it. I dare you.


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