One Pound at a Time

one pound at a time

I meet people now and they can’t really believe that I know what it is like to be extremely obese. They don’t think I really get what it’s like to be almost 300 lbs, depressed, miserable in my body, and feeling like no one understands how insurmountable changing my life is.

I have to admit, I’m starting to forget. I’ve been so happy for so long, that that person is starting to fade away, I can’t always connect with her any more. I’m not always sure I want to. I also know that I need to remember what I was, so I can appreciate what I am and my gratitude is the key to my happiness.

The one thing that will always bring back everything for me is talking to other women who are struggling to change their lives. When I am emailing with someone and she describes exactly me, my exact pain, and my exact hopes, I can feel it ALL.

I know that there are women who follow me here that have something more inside of them. I know you can feel that little fire that just won’t go out, and hear that voice that is whispering that there must something more than this. There is a reason they won’t go away.

You ARE meant for more. It’s not to late. Stop waiting. You know where to find me. amber@creatingadestiny.comĀ <3

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