Work Hard, Stay Humble: Our $7000 Week

our 7000 week

I thought about how to share this a lot this week. I kept trying to think of way to present this without turning people off. Then I realized, anyone turned off by two really hard working people getting paid for changing the world, probably shouldn’t be on my friends list anyway. We’re probably not going to be getting matching BFF bracelets any time soon if you can’t celebrate¬†and be inspired when you see this =P

When I say to “regular people” I seriously mean it. We both group up in households that barely had enough, and never had any extra. As young teenagers we both worked at an early age in order to compensate for that. We had all the standard issue stuff that lower class kids have, like drinking, problems with the law, self worth issues, and lack of healthy relationship skills.

It is crazy that meeting each other at almost 30 years old, so much of that still stuck with us and carried into our lives. We were negative at best, and highly destructive at worst. I assure you that anyone who met us in the first 6 months of our relationship would have guessed that a below average miserable future was what was in store for us. No one would have said, “Wow look at those two future entrepreneurs, they are really going places” LOL!!!

Because of the personal development both of us had to do, our business has grown slowly, but steadily, over the years. We have done a ton of CONSISTENT personal development to become the partners we wanted to be, and the leaders we were capable of being. We haven’t always believed in ourselves, or each other, when it came to this dream. What was great about that is, we never stopped believing at the same time.

Our biggest turning point was this past winter when we finally got 100% on the same page about what we want for our future. Snow stepped out of full time work outside the home, and joined me at the head of our team to help me lead. It is amazing what you can do when you are both headed the same direction. It is so crazy that last year I got the “Financial Fitness” award for paying off all my consumer debt, and this summer, Snow is $477 away from applying for his own award

None of this was ever my dream. I started coaching because I needed to put myself out there in order to lose my own weight. I just wanted some people to follow me so I had to show up to my own fit club instead of go out and get drunk LOL. Hell, I only made Success Club my first month because I wanted to take Snow to the Bahamas for free.

My 3.5 year coaching anniversary is this Friday and it has been a crazy roller coaster of ups and downs. I stayed consistent through it all, head down, quietly focused and consistency has paid off bigger than I could have ever imagined. This is not the life of my dreams, I never had dreams this big.

THIS CAN BE YOU. We love to share, teach, lead and empower. You don’t have to be anyone special (YET :p) to do this. You can have this life, whenever you are ready. You just have to TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Email us at amber@creatingadestiny.com so we can help you start dreaming.

To Snow: Baby I love you so much. Our life absolutely wonderfully perfectly crazy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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