The Family I Chose for Myself


Okay you have to stop and read this, seriously. TOTALLY HUGE MOMENT!!!!

This is a surreal moment for any leader and I’ve captured it here forever. This is a picture of the 50+ members of my team who put aside all their excuses, committed to themselves, their families, and their futures by investing in themselves and joining me at this year’s Coach Summit. I have pictured this for years, and today I got to take it in.

If you look at this picture you will see all ages, shapes, and sizes. What you may not see is that they all have the same passion and drive for helping other people. What you can’t see in this picture is the story that led them to this point. You don’t see the huge burning why they each have, the reason that drives them every day. You can’t see the HUGE DREAMS each one of them has.

I know each of these people personally. I have gotten to hear the stories, I know the WHY that drives them, I have felt their souls when they have shared their dreams with me. I know the fears they face, the hard lives they are struggling to conquer, the insecurities they have, and the moments of doubt that hold them back. I can see the pain, and I also get to see the amazing beauty in the struggles they have already overcome, large and small, that inspires me to no end.

I have cried with them when they feel the passion of their dreams, as well as the heartache that comes with self doubt: Wanting to quit a soul sucking job, wanting to be able to be home with their children, wanting to bring their spouses home from their jobs, wanting to travel the world, get out of debt, and find their true purpose in life. They have all now found a place where they belong, no one judges them, only support and love for these amazing dreams

I wonder to myself in this moment, what is the point of having a struggle if you aren’t sharing it to help others. We all have stories, we all have pain, we all have events in our life that are GIVEN TO US to help us find our true purpose. Your darkest moments didn’t happen TO YOU, they were a gift. Your message to the world is in that moment, everything you are meant to be can be found there. Why go through it if it remains purposeless forever?

To be able to lead this incredible group of people into this space, and to see them all together in once place, as a community, as a FAMILY, is the most incredible feeling. We know it won’t be easy, but with each other, we can accomplish anything. None of us are afraid of hard work, the only fear we face now is settling for a life of passionless mediocrity when we know there is so much more out there for us.

Do you know you are meant for more than who you are and what you have, but you aren’t sure how to get there? Are you ready to find your true passion? Do you want to make sense of the hand you were dealt in life? Are you ready to look at your path in life so far as your biggest gift for the world?

These people were, and you can be a part of that. You can always find me at amber@creatingadestiny.com when you are ready. You can also reach out to your coach if you see them in this picture! Either way, I hope to help you start your journey. IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO JOIN US your new family is waiting :0)


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