It All Started with 1 Facebook Post – Celebrating 4 Years as a Coach!

4 years ago I started a journey. I took the very scary step of sharing that journey with you all. I had not lost that much weight yet, I had zero people skills, a negative bank balance, and a pretty dim outlook on myself and my future.

I remember being so scared to put up that first “before and after” because I felt like they looked the same LOL (see header photo on my page), and that probably people would just make fun of me.

Now I can’t lie, there was some serious douchebaggery that went on from a few people early on, but I got comfortable with the block, delete, unfriend and ban features pretty quickly.

I had people who couldn’t deal with my workout selfies or healthy food pics. I had people tell me to post less, and let me know they were going to have to unfriend me. Whatever, I was just making room for all of YOU <3

Overall people were amazingly supportive. People came out to my free little workout groups, that were sometimes just me, in an empty room, working out with one other person, or alone tongue emoticon They liked my selfies and commented on my progress pics. You all came together and it kept me going.

Some days, you were the ONLY thing that kept me going.

I celebrated my 1 year anniversary in January 2012 and I saw someone post these flowers with their NAME on them. I almost passed out. If you know anything about me, you know that I just want my name on things, on anything. If you can personalize it, I want it.

I said to myself, I have no idea what I have to do to get those flowers, but I am getting some.

Well fast forward to January 2015 and this is the 3rd year in a row I have gotten this special delivery. They don’t have our name on them this year, but honestly that’s okay, people already know it now 😉

Clearly I found out what I had to do to get them, and I got to work. I found out that I had to help other people share THEIR journey. I had to find a way not just to inspire others, but to inspire others to BE INSPIRING.

I had to work on those people skills, that outlook on my future and that hot mess of a bank balance for sure. I couldn’t lead other people if I wasn’t willing to do some work on me. So I DID! What can I say, I REALLY like flowers LOL 😉

Seriously though, what an incredible task. To take people who are uninspired themselves and not only inspire them but then teach, motivation, train, mentor, and educate them. It is the most rewarding thing I could possibly do with my time. Helping you change your life is always on my mind, it is my life’s purpose.

I absolutely LOVE helping you all. I love your emails, your Facebook messages, your texts. I love problem solving with you, and getting to celebrate with you. Even more than that, I love watching the ripple effect of that help, reach out to more people than I could ever imagine, or will ever truly know.

I will get these flowers EVERY YEAR, I am 100% committed to that, but these flowers aren’t for me, they are for you. They are simply a symbol of the people who have taken a lead of faith with some crazy girl on the internet, and then committed to changing lives. These flowers are a reminder that I am holding myself to a standard of my own, to always be 100% dedicated to serving you.

They say to make your mess your message, and that is what I live to do every day. If you want to turn your mess into a message, or hell if you just want to start cleaning it up, please reach out to me. Next year you can be one of my flowers, or better yet, get a bouquet of your own <3


thank you flowers

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