Superbowl Brings Out the Worst In People

super bowl

I have a post for the Seahawk and Bronco’s fans today. Heck even if you hate football it’s worth a read IMO

I love being a football fan. It’s newer to me than many others, but I really do enjoy it. I feel connected to my home, I feel connected to my family and friends, and even random strangers sporting the colors. To me it’s about more than winning, it’s about people sharing in each others trumps and pain, and so I love it. Yes I still occasionally ask wtf that meant and I don’t know where every player on my team went to college LOL, but I’m doing the best I can.

The one thing I do not love about being a football fan is the way it brings out the ugliest sides of some people, so I thought I’d take a minute to remind whomever is willing to listen: Football is a game for your entertainment, played by real humans with real lives, hopes, dreams and families.

I hope that at no point do you utter a wish that some player gets hurt, or have some other malicious thought toward a fellow human being, just so you can “win”. Really who wins there? I hope that you treat each other with respect , even if you are wearing opposing colors and things don’t go your way. I hope you don’t take the loss out on your wife and kids or strangers. Throwing food at an injured player or some other asinine thing like that is NOT being a fan, it’s being a douche.

Please remember that when this game is said and done, you still have to live with the person that you are. No amount of Super Bowl rings your team has will fill the void of you being a person of low character. YOU have a real life too, that will continue past this day.

With that said, I hope you ALL have a safe and happy day with just the right amount of talking ish and team pride I know it’s going to be a great game Click LIKE if you are excited! Share this if you agree!

To all my fellow Seahawk fans: Let’s take this ish home, Legion of Boom baby!!!



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