We All “Have” to Work, but Do You Know WHY?

I know it’s late to be doing a whole pour your heart out thing. The marketer in me is like “Noooooooo…don’t do it” LOL. Regardless, you know me, if it’s on my heart, it has to be shared, so settle in.

I messed up our budget this week. It happens a lot because I am terrible at being in charge of the budget, but I’m better at it than Snow so here we are LOL.

I thought about something tonight as I got it all straightened out. I feel like people assume we make an obscene of money and never worry about a thing. To me that’s just not the case. I mean really for all intents and purposes we’re actually on one income, albeit it a very good one, and we are traveling all over the country (you can read why here). Money is bound to get tight sometimes.

Money goes to savings first, money goes to taxes next, and I budget the rest. Every week I make a plan and sometimes that plan says “go buy new shoes” and sometimes it says “uh let’s just stay in all week” 😉

I know talking about money publicly is all taboo and weird and all that, but this is going somewhere I promise.

The thing is, I’ve actually always made a lot of money, so I don’t really know anything about real restriction. I’m a naturally hard worker and I love service, sales and business. I love connecting people with solutions for their problems and it has always paid me well and for the most part I’ve lived accordingly.

When I sold cable I had quite a few $10,000 months, and even a $10,000 check once. Selling insurance was also very profitable and working in the world of marketing consulting had a couple great years for sure. When one job wasn’t cutting it, I’d just work two, or three, so I could live the life I wanted.

Earning six figures is totally in my wheelhouse and the grind is in my blood. I’m a natural born ‪#‎girlboss‬.

So then why this?! Why start a company from the ground up, that people were so critical of, to make the same kind of money I was already making? Why put up with people being annoyed at me working too much, sharing too many workout pics, and posting “another damn motivational quote” LOL!? Why deal with the sh*t talking, unfriending, negative nelly, BS?

I’ll tell you why.

Not one of the days I cashed one of the $10,000 checks did I ever get to stop at 11 in the morning and just hug my husband because he was there. Or spend a Monday afternoon with my head on his chest, just because I could.

Not a single day on the phones quoting insurance did I get to take a break to pick out the place we wanted to live next and chat about our 4th of July plans, deciding which city to spend it in, on whim.

Not a single time during my consulting days did walk out between meetings and go for a hike with the sun on my skin and a smile on my face, connecting with the world around me and taking care of ME for once.

Not once in the hustle of working 2-3 jobs did I expect to get DAILY texts, messages, emails and posts of people thanking me for changing their lives. Tears, laughter, gratitude, and real human connection that MAKES A DIFFERENCE was never on my radar. Now it’s a regular part of my day.

I would have been FINE working anywhere else. I’m naturally good at most jobs and I’m not afraid of hard work. I could have easily stayed where it was safe and comfortable, building someone else’s dream. I would have made money and been just FINE.

FINE isn’t good enough. I am NOT OKAY with fine. I want freaking over the top SPECTACULAR.

Yes I work for the money. I assume you aren’t going to work just because you love the view from your cubicle, but because you’ll be getting a check for the time you spend there as well. We all work for the money. I just wonder…WHAT ELSE ARE YOU WORKING FOR?

I’m working for mid-day cuddles, the sun on my face, and making a difference. I am working for adventure, purpose and love. I am working to LIVE.

I just want you to know that this is an option for you too. You are working anyway, let me show you how to OWN the short time you’ve been given. You only get one life <3

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