Woman Crush Wednesday – Jen Hibbits

You all know what day it is!!!! It’s #WomanCrushWednesday!!! This week I’m crushin on Jen Hibbits. Will you show her some girl love by dropping a sticker in the comments below !?!?

If you didn’t know, every Wednesday I take the #WCW opportunity to skip shouting out famous people and celebs. Instead I shout out real women from my life that totally inspire me 😀

This woman seriously inspires me so much. She was one of the first grown women I really related to seeing her be so career minded, question if kids were in her future, and running extra businesses on the side.

We dabbled in network marketing together, and worked together at a digital marketing start up, that had a huge impact on both our lives. Our friendship has outlasted those chapters and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

As I got to watch her grow into an amazing mother of two amazing boys, as well as continue her career, rock it out as a Jazzercise instructor, and never drop that amazing smile for a second, I started to believe it was really possible to have it all.

Jen, than you for being my first glimpse into what a confident, strong, and caring business woman looks like, so I could aspire to be so much more <3 I LOVE YOU!!!! #wcw #empowereachother #girlpower #werock

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