Woman Crush Wednesday – My Mom!

You all know what day it is!!!! Yep it’s #womancrushwednesday and I’ve got some love for Dianne Scott Gablenz Johnson (aka my Mom) today 😀

If you didn’t know, I skip out on using #WCW to celebrate celebrities and models. Instead I choose to love on real women from my life that I admire and respect. This week my Mom is in the spotlight 🙂

This past Monday was her birthday so it seemed only fitting we celebrate her this week. I actually got to spend the day with her out in South Dakota and it was really cool to get to see her on stage with all the other military vets when they lowered the flag after the lighting of the mountain. Super proud of her!

Of course, that is so tiny compared to everything this woman has done, and provided for others, in her lifetime. I have a million more reasons to proud of her. From being the mother of 4 amazing daughters, having a work ethic unparalleled by most, being incredibly giving, and continually forgiving, the list just goes on.

I would not have the amazing life I have now, if it hadn’t been for her constant support and love. She always believed I could do anything, and was the first to make a sacrifice if I had a dream to go after. She has always been the rock I can count on and the place I can come home to.

My mother is an incredible woman and to her I say: Happy Birthday and I love you!!! Thanks for being my forever #WCW <3 <3 <3


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