What Does It Mean When I Judge Others?

It has been proven that when you judge, or hate on, someone else, it actually points out what you dislike about YOURSELF.

It’s not fair to put your own self-doubt, self-loathing, and insecurity onto other people.

Don’t hate on people who take selfies because you think you’re not important or attractive enough for anyone to care if you took one.

Don’t judge people for having money because you’re broke.

Don’t judge people for sharing positive quotes because the reality you’ve created, in your mind, is negative.

Don’t judge people for taking the risk to work for themselves, because you are too afraid of failure.

Don’t judge people who are dressed nicely because you don’t feel comfortable in nice things.

Don’t judge people who have a religion because you have chosen to believe life has no meaning.

Don’t judge people for being open with their feelings because you choose to build a wall around yourself.

Don’t judge people for doing workout check-ins because it reminds you of the goals you don’t believe you can reach.

Don’t judge people with a lot of friends because you’re lonely and craving a deeper connection.

Don’t judge people for being passionate because you are lost or apathetic.

If you ever see a post and roll your eyes and think “no one cares…” go ahead and add “about me” to the end of that and find out what is really bothering you.

Replace “no one” with “I” in that scenario, and see where your real problem is.

Spend your time focused on becoming a better version of you, instead of dragging down others, and everything changes.

I know, because that used to be me.

‘To love others you must first love yourself.’ – Leo Buscaglia
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