Woman Crush Wednesday – Ashley Timms

Does anyone else look forward to #WomanCrushWednesday as much as I do!??! This week I am totally crushin on Ashley Marie Timms <3 <3 <3 Will you drop some love below for her!?

Some people take #WCW as an opportunity to gush over a celeb or share pics of models they want to look like. I totally use it to love all over real women from my life that inspire the hell out of me!

Ashley is having her 2 year anniversary as a coach next week and I am going to get to celebrate with her in person in Nashville, I’m so excited. Anyone who knows Ashley knows that she has the biggest heart in the world. and a smile that lights up every room she walks into. She always puts everyone else first and wears her heart on her sleeve for the world to see.

It has been so incredible watching her grow over the past few years. She has inspired countless people with her incredible journey and infectious attitude. It hasn’t always been easy, and nothing worth having ever is, but she’s never given up. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their leader <3

Ashley I am so proud of you for surfing the waves of your journey. Your never giving up has inspired me to keep going so many times and watching you face your fears has helped me face mine. I am so honored to be your coach and I love you so much :0) :0) :0)


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