Woman Crush Wednesday – My Sister, Nancy!

You didn’t think I’d forget #WomanCrushWednesday just because I was running amuck in Nashville did you?! No way!

This week I’m girl crushing all over my sister Nancy Retynski ???

Some people use #WCW to shout celebrities, fitness models, etc. I take it as an opportunity to celebrate women from my actual life who are beyond amazing!!!

I actually wish I had a ton of time to write you all pages about how amazing this woman is. I don’t even think Facebook’s character limit can even handle all the greatness there is to say about her.

Nancy is the most amazingly dedicated mother, wife and friend. Her loyalty and love know no bounds and she will go out of her way for anyone she chrrishes, no matter how far.

I admire her knowledge, he skills, and her determination. More than that, I admire her heart. I look up to her as how I want to be as mom and I know her children are the luckiest in the world. Especially since they get me as an aunt 😉

We don’t have a traditional background, and I think that’s why we work lol. No pretense and no expectations. No guilt or obligation. Just acceptance and friendship with a lot of sarcasm and a hint of booze :p

I love you Nancy!!! Thanks for being my #wcw and please don’t kill me for posting this on Facebook hahaha ???


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