Woman Crush Wednesday – My Grandma

Whoooo!!!! It’s #womancrushwednesday!!!! You know what that means grin emoticon Yep, today I am woman crushin on my Grandma, Margaret Ongstad <3 <3 <3

Every week on Wednesday I take #WCW as a chance to celebrate a real woman from my life that I respect, admire and love. A lot of people use it to celebrate celebrities, fitness models, and things like that. I have enough amazing women in my actual life that I LOVE to use it for this instead 🙂

There are no words for how much my grandmother means to me, or how much she influenced my life. So many of my characteristics that have made me successful I got from her, or from my mother who got them from her!
I had so many amazing moments in my childhood that shaped the woman I am today.One thing we did a lot of was travel around the state. We went on ferries, went on camping trips, went to the ocean, you name it. Grandma always used to say, “Always leave a place better than the way you found it” and you can ask Snow, I always do when we travel.

I’ve taken that to a new level though. It sits so deep in my heart, and means so much to me, that I’ve really made it my life motto. Always leave people better than the way you found them. Always leave places better. Leave the WORLD better. This is my biggest vision, and it all came from a little life lesson in cleaning up after yourself :p

My grandma instilled in me a love of hard work, of reading, and of family. I learned to make people feel special and not miss details, because she’s never missed a holiday card and she always listened to my nonsense like it was the most important thing in the world. She also gave me quite a love for shopping and cookies LOL!!!

Even now I can tell her anything. When anything major has gone on in my life, no matter how negative it may have been, she was usually the first to know, even as an adult. Up until recently I still hand wrote her letters all the time, and then she learned email and joined Facebook, yeah buddy!!!

Grandma: Your influence in my life had more of an impact that you will ever know. I think about you every day and I am so excited to get to spend this time with you while I am up here in Washington. I will always cherish our adventures and our special connection. THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU <3

P.S. Thanks for being my #WCW even though there is no chance you have any idea what that means LOL 😉


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