You Can’t Correct Perfection


I was running late for my airbrushing appointment with Cassie at iTAN La Mesa today (yeah blatant plug, no I’m not getting paid lol, I just REALLY love her and that salon.) and I parked sort of frantically.

I looked at the cars next to me and realized I parked crazy crooked. Like seriously I think I parked better than that the time I failed my drivers licence test at 16! bad-parking

I backed up and corrected my parking. Looked around, still crooked. What the heck? Okay one more time, this time kinda hitting the little curb that lets you know you’re at the end of the spot.

Looked around, and yes you guessed it, still crooked. Well screw it, I thought, I’m gonna be late and this girl needs to get her tan on so she can get back to work. I was sure people would get over it.

I got out of the car and as I set the alarm I looked and it was parked PERFECTLY. I mean just beautifully. Equidistant from both white lines, truck bed not sticking out into the parking lot, best parking job of the year. However BOTH other cars were totally crooked.

Just made me stop and think…don’t compare yourself to others, they may steer you the wrong way! Hahaha no pun intended. You never know when maybe it’s you that actually has it all figured out afterall and you might end up wasting your time correcting something that is already perfect. Happy Thursday 😀


    1. / I see you’re doing Insanity!! That’s awesome. I just strtaed Asylum on Aug 1. So far so good but it is a butt kicker. I’m please that I’m able to hang in there thanks to being an Insanity grad. Much success on your journey!!

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