Don’t Worry. You’re Not That Important ;)


I am writing this today because I need everyone to calm the hell down with all the stress and worry. It’s a waste of time and it’s taking away from the life you should be living NOW. From my clients and coaches, to friends and family, the world we live in is obsessed with worrying. We worry about money and we worry about counting every calorie and we worry about following a schedule and oh man do we worry about what people think and how we look and a whole lot of other crap. YOU ARE MISSING YOUR LIFE and it’s time to STOP.stress-is-arrogant

Here is the deal. Worry and stress is the most self-centered act of all time. We are INSANE to think we really have that much power. 7 billion people on this planet and we think we really need to be in charge of that much stuff for it not to fall apart? Pretty sure everything would me more than fine if we were gone tomorrow. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in creating and shaping your own future, I mean really the name of this blog is Creating a Destiny. I 100% believe in creating a vision, having direction, dreaming really really big, and then working toward it. I believe you can choose to live for a purpose and do good work while you are here.

What I cannot get behind is all of the “what if I can’t” and “but what about all these reasons why it won’t work” and all the other completely useless questions and self-doubt. The worst possible way this shows up is for you to be sitting in a situation you SHOULD BE ENJOYING but instead you are thinking about what needs to get done or what you need to handle. Don’t you realize, you don’t have that much control? The universe is vast, and there are forces at work far greater than you and I. For us to really believe that we have control over half the things we worry about is really giving us too much credit. I am sure that the child in front of you asking to play on the floor is what you should be thinking about, not how you are going to pay the electric bill or if you’ll make that scale weigh in next week.

All you can do is get a big dream, start working toward it, and be ready to flexible and plan on nothing going according to plan. Commit yourself to growth and learning and enjoy the ride. The dream you are working toward may very well just lead you to a new dream, or it may turn out that it’s not even really the dream that you are after, but simply the journey.

For those of you who are also in the coaching business, or any other at home direct sales business, I would bet you anything that you spend more time WORRYING about the things you have to get done, thinking over your to-do list, stressing about all the things you don’t know, than simply WORKING your business. If you could get over yourself and how much YOU know and just look around at all the humans you come in contact with every day that need a friend, need your product, or just need love, I bet you be a heck of a lot more successful and fulfilled  How many of you spend more time worrying about your children than stopping to really engage and listen to them? How many of us are more concerned with deadlines and paychecks then people and purpose? You are fully equipped to be the person you want to be, stop freaking out about it.

Have a little faith that things work out, live your life in a way that is genuine, and don’t be afraid to take some risks. I can guarantee you will have more LIFE in your years and YEARS in your life if you start embracing the moment in front of you, living a purpose driven life, and working toward a vision for your time on this earth without worrying about the details. So … now that you know, you get to relax, it’s time to get over yourself 😉


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