10 Steps to Recommitting to Your Beachbody Coaching Business


If there’s one fact about life, it’s that it can suddenly kick you right in the butt and distract you from your business, your fitness, and a lot of other important things. It can be a death in the family, a difficult divorce, a new baby, or an illness. Whatever it is, it basically puts a stop to all of your life plans.

Here are 10 steps that could help you get back on your feet and start recommitting to your Team Beachbody coaching business. Trust me, it works. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I’ve fallen out love with coaching before, felt bad about myself, and questioned if I should keep going. Every time I have managed to come back, stronger and more motivated than before.

  • Start your Shakeology again. Why start here? The simple answer is this: it’s the easiest thing to do. It balances your mood, gives you extra energy, and pretty much reminds you of your original path and what you really wanted in the first place. Plus, let’s be real, you know you let 5 bags pile up while you were checked out of the biz anyway LOL 😉
  • Start working out. And no, I don’t mean anything dramatic or too heavy. It could be an easy program, or something that you’ve always enjoyed doing. It could even be a mix of different programs. Just make sure that you take baby steps here. You don’t want to end up doing more than you can handle right away that you end up feeling sorry for yourself afterwards and just drop the entire idea all together.
  • Pick up a personal development book. Think about the first personal development book that actually had a huge impact on your life. It doesn’t have to be the first one that you’ve ever read. It should be something would make you feel that old spark again, something that really struck a chord in you. Pick it up and remember what you enjoyed the most about it.
  • Start sharing on Facebook again. Now, it’s time to turn to social media once again. You can start by sharing something positive, something that would really make your network feel how important your presence is once again. You can start posting about your workout, or your Shakeology.
  • Reconnect with your downline. When you fell out, there might have been a few coaches under you who started to feel a bit lost. Now that you’ve started recommitting again, get in touch with them and tell them what was going on in your life. Assure them that you’re back and ready to move forward once again, and would be thrilled to have them with you for the rest of the journey. Don’t be afraid to just apologize!
  • Do a free challenge group. With your network intact once again, you can start doing a free challenge group. Start with something small, like a 5-day challenge. Post it on Facebook, or invite people whom you have somehow left hanging along the way. Our team has one every single month, you can just check the team calendar so you know when to start inviting.
  • Fall back into your back office. Start familiarizing yourself with your online office when you were still an active coach. Check out what’s new, look for promotions, and find out what’s on sale. All it takes is 20 minutes to reacquaint yourself.
  • Check back in with your upline coach. Yes, this is the 8th, and not the 1st step. Doing this first would only waste a lot of your time, as well as that of your upline’s because they would ask you to do the same steps that were given from 1 to 7. When you schedule a one on one, it’s better to let your upline know where you are at this point, what it is you’ve done, and how committed you are to doing this again. Part of this reconnection is also getting to know what his or her team is currently working on. Any new challenges? Any challenge groups you can join?
  • Do a paid challenge group. Invite everyone who joined your free group and ask them to invite a couple of people as well. You can even coordinate with your upline and do the challenge with them. Because you’re now at the 9th step and have more credibility, you are also at a position where you can start selling once again.
  • Recruit coaches using sneak peek. I’ve mentioned before that this is not exactly the best way to recruit new people. However, for someone who is just getting back in the business, this can actually work better. It’s a passive recruitment form, and will leave the final judgment into the hands of the person you’re trying to recruit. It allows them to decide on their own if  they would like to join, which is less pressure for you as you get back into the business.

Once you’ve gone through all the ten steps, you’ll definitely be feeling more comfortable, and feeling better about yourself again. You’ll find yourself facing new challenges that you’ll be excited about, as well as new people that you could inspire and motivate. Yes, that level of excitement that you felt the first time won’t be there anymore, but now you’ll have more motivation than ever, because you know how it feels to drop out of the program and still want to be part of it in the end.




  1. I am needing to reconnect with my Downline coaches that are inactive and host a sneak peek into coaching. Have already take action with the other steps.

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