Woman Crush Wednesday – Rosa Tejada

Drop a sticker in the comments to help me celebrate Rosa!!!

Some people do Woman Crush Wednesday for famous people or figure competitors they follow, stuff like that. I realized recently that I have more women in my life right now than I ever have before, and they are all FREAKING AMAZING.

From now on I am doing my #WCW for the incredible women I am surrounded with every day and I would love if you could help me celebrate by dropping a celebration sticker in the comments below!

First up is the amazing and talented Rosa Tejada!!! Rosa is one of the kindest, sweetest and happiest people I know. She’s also a total badass 😉

Over the past two years I have watched Rosa basically grow up, find her voice, and learn to dream big. She was already amazing when I met her, anyone could see it. What has been amazing is to watch her realize it!

She has grown from a shy, quiet rule following sweetheart, into a strong woman and a passionate leader. She’s a force to be reckoned with and it’s AWESOME. Still with a heart of gold of course, she serves the world the way she was meant to.

Watching her take life by the reigns and go for it inspires me every day. I could not be prouder to be her coach and business partner, and I’m honored to also get to call her my friend.

You can follow her on Instagram @refitness13 😀

Rosa YOU are my #WCW this week. I love you so much and I feel blessed to be in your life. Keep changing the world girl!!!

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