Woman Crush Wednesday – Candice Parker

I am super excited for this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday!!! Will you drop a sticker below to show how much we love Candice!?!?

You may have noticed last week that I am doing my #wcw each week for the AMAZING women in my life. I could do this every day for 5 years and not even scratch the surface of the ladies that have blessed my journey.

Today I want to honor one of the strongest women I know, Candice Parker <3

I have watched Candice grow, open up, learn acceptance, and just THRIVE as her true self. A few years ago she was tense and worried and now she is so light and happy. What she once hid, now shines brightly on the world around her.

Yes she has a fitness transformation. The real change has actually been in the way she has become comfortable with HERSELF. Her love and acceptance for herself has carried out into the world, on our team, our Benchmark family, and most importantly her own daughter.

It hasn’t been an easy path and I have seen the fight along the way. Candice I am just so proud that you never stopped fighting to become this woman. You inspire me, and so many others, every single day. Please drop a sticker below if Candice inspires you!!!

Thank you so much for being in my life, without question, you make me better. Thank you for embracing who you are, so the rest of us can do the same.

It has been a blessing to share the Benchmark journey with you, the Team Beachbody journey with you, and just generally party it up with you :p I cannot wait to come see you next month <3 <3 <3

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