Can You Guess Weight Loss Numbers from Just a Picture?

I put a post up on Facebook a little bit ago, and it got a crazy reaction. (See original  post on my page here to view comments).


The post was this image:



Followed by this text:

Are you up to play a little game? How many pounds do you think I lost in these before and after pics? Post your guess below =)


The answer was 3 pounds. YEP THREE. Tres. 3….



Here is why I share this:

I don’t use a scale. I lost my first 80 pounds without ever having one, and I don’t understand why we need them. I DON’T LIVE HEALTHY TO BE A NUMBER.

I live healthy to be energetic, awake, in love, excited, creative, helpful, kind, glowing, and growing. I live healthy so I can have the best QUALITY OF LIFE possible.

I don’t need a number to tell me if I feel like shit, or feel like a million bucks. I already know either way. So do you.

I have WAY TO MANY women who get a week or two into plan and quit because of a scale. People tell me “I won’t lose weight if I don’t know my weight on the scale, I have to”. Uh seriously? How’s that been working out for you so far???

Let me ask you something:
>Do you only go to church if your life is good, or do you do it regardless of “results”?
>Do you only tell your husband you love him so that he’ll say it back, or do you say it because you are feeling love?
>Do you only do your school work to get grades, or do you do it to learn?
>Do you only serve others so you can get paid, or do you serve because it feeds your soul?
>Do you live your life as a kind and giving person regardless of the worlds cruelty, or are you cruel and unkind because others are?

You live your life according to your beliefs and values, REGARDLESS OF RESULTS. Why is this any different?

Only YOU can set the standard of YOUR SUCCESS.

There is no number on a machine that can give me pride, when I am proud of myself already. No measurement can make me feel accomplished, when I am already accomplished. There is no number that defines my worth: No scale, no bank account, no rank, nothing.

These two pictures are 33 days apart. I went balls to the wall in my workouts and did good on my good 6 days each week, and enjoyed my day off. My measure of success FOR ME was pushing harder, getting stronger, doing more, and having consistency. Can you imagine how I great I felt being that successful every day?

Can you imagine never getting to feel any of that because I couldn’t get rid of my freaking scale???

What if in week 2, of crazy effort, I got on the scale and cried because it was only a pound? What if I quit right there? Not only would I have felt terrible then, felt like a failure and quitter, BUT I would have never gotten to feel all the amazing things I felt from doing the whole month.

In short: Knock it the eff off with the damn scale already!!! Just stop.

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