When (and WHY) Should I Eat Protein, Carbs & Fat?

Need to stay full? Struggle with blood sugar issues, or the 2pm “energy drop” during the day? Eat your fats!!!

Think of your metabolism / body as a fire. We know it takes all sorts of things to get a fire going.

If you’re a city boy, like my ex husband, you just poor more lighter fluid on it LOL. That’s actually not how it works. Would that be like vodka? I’m not sure how it equates in this explanation =P

How does it work then?

When you start a fire you often times need to get the fire going, so you find a massive amount of newspaper, dried leaves, etc. Anything that will go up in flames FAST.

That goes under the wood. Usually something small like kindling. You then add your real logs, once your fire is going.

The wood then  burns at varying speeds, depending on size, moisture, wind, etc. You can count on replacing it in intervals, through out the day. Sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours, again, depends on the fuel you’ve chosen.

Eventually, your wood will turn into coals. Coals can burn all night, dense and deep, you no longer need that paper to get things going, just add wood, it will light.

These coals can become the foundation of your fire, if you never put it out.

Too many people discount how important fat is in our diet, as a foundation.

They want to eat things that are low fat, no fat, etc. and they think they are making healthy choices, when actually they are depriving the body, especially your brain, of essential healthy oils, that it needs to keep your fire going.

When you eat your fats early in the morning, with some protein, you are stoking the coals that are still burning from the night before.

You can then add wood, every 1-2 hours during the day, by eating proteins, and it will be predictable. Your carbs can be added later in the day, for a quick burst of flame here and there.

The longer you keep up a diet with quality fats, the less carbs you will need, and you can stick to eating them pre, and post, workout, when your body needs a quick refuel.

You will notice that if you go WAY TO LONG without eating, you will massively crave carbs. Why? Your coals went out!!!

Your body needs the fire, if you don’t stoke it, and keep it burning, it will request the fastest burning fuel it can. Sweets, bread, etc. It knows that it can get a fire going fast with those.

The problem is, it burns them fast, and then wants more, to keep the fire going. Then you’re down a rabbit hole of a day, a few days days, or even weeks, of using paper to keep your fire going. Carb cravings galore!!!

It becomes a hard habit to break, and you’ll feel tired, sluggish, and even possibly rely on energy drinks, on top of your sugar, to keep you going.

Moral of the story: Healthy fats are GOOD. Eat them early, and eat them often, and keep that fire burning deep!

Need a list of healthy fat ideas:

  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Hummus
  • Coconut Milk, Canned
  • Cheeses
  • Nut Butters
  • Olive Oil
  • Full Fat Salad Dressings

Just to name a few!

I hope this was helpful, and as always, I am here if you need help with anything =)



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