How to Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolutions STICK!

It’s about that time of year. People are enjoying their holidays, but they are also sooooo ready to get back on track. They want to stop the money hemorrhage, put down the sugar, and lose the extra weight. People are thinking about what their next year will hold, but they are also thinking about all the times they’ve tried before, and seen their enthusiasm falter.

After my 7th successful year of goal setting, vision creation, and sticking to plans, I wanted to share some tips with you!

1) Specific and Attainable. Here’s the thing, “eat better” or “workout more” or “save money” are not real goals. They are not measurable or specific, therefore, not ever attainable. What do they mean? When you say “eat better” does that mean more often, less often, more veggies, less bread, no sugar, no alcohol, what does it mean?!!? It is crucial that you write these down.

Dramatic declarations have the same problem. “I’m going to lose 100 pounds this year” means jack if you haven’t set your expectations, and decided what that will look like long term. Okay so 2 pounds a week, over 52 weeks, is 104 pounds, so we know it can be done. Well what is required to lose 2 pounds a week? 3500 calories in a pound of fat, so you’ll need to burn 7000 calories a week, and we know if you under eat, your body will store fat, and you won’t lose anything. So maybe is your goal going to be meal planning weekly, working out 5 days a week, etc?


2) Tell Everyone! So many people have gotten on and off the fitness, finance, career wagons, so many times, that they don’t actually want to share their goals. They don’t want to say they are really paying off the debt this time, or they are really going to start that business and see it through, or that this is the year they make health a lifestyle. It is so much easier to protect ourselves by keeping it a secret.

The problem with that is that there is no accountability. You will not be motivated forever. You might start strong, but with absolutely zero outside influence, there will come a day when you want to say screw it, and no one will be there to stop you. I know, I used to do this! I would lose 30 pounds, and gain back 50 lol. I would pay off my credit cards and then max them out a year later. By shouting it from the rooftops, joining a support group, getting a coach like myself, putting it on social media, and telling family or friends, you’ll be uncomfortable, but you’ll be more likely to do it!


3) Make Sure Your Goals Align: This is a big one, and I used to mess this one up badly. I see people say things like my goals are: Lose 50 pounds, get my masters degree, and pay off all my debt. Um okay, buuuuut you already work full time and have two kids, when are you going to find time to start a fitness journey AND get the grades you need to stay in your school program? Doesn’t school cost a lot of money? Won’t your health journey require more of your budget be spent there?

I LOVE all these goals by themselves, my worry is, they don’t align with each other at all. What if you spent the first half of the year losing the weight, and then the second getting out of debt and applying for programs that start later on? I do believe you can have it all. I also believe focus is the key to doing so.  That prevents burn out, doesn’t have you fighting against yourself internally, and creates results! 

4) Create a Vision Board and Statement. Your personal vision statement for the year should encompass all your major life priorities, and goals. Ideally it makes you feel great and is something you can come back to throughout the year, to remind you of where you want to go. Some people are word people, I tend to be, as you can gather from my long emails and posts lol, but most of us are actually picture people.

Think of this, if I tell you to picture a trash can, do you picture the letters T-R-A-S-H-C-A-N or did you picture a trash can? Making a vision board is the best way to solidify your vision in your mind. I recommend putting it everywhere. I have mine as my computer background, phone back ground, etc because I spend my days online. Many people put theirs up above their door, in their workout area, or another place they will see it often. I have another post called How to Make a Vision Board to help you with that.

5)  Revisit Them Often. Make a plan to check on your goals monthly, quarterly, etc. If you goal was 100 pounds this year, are you down at least 8 in month 1? 25 in the first quarter? What are your milestones along the way? Do you have a (non food) reward for each check in? How will you stay motivated? Is it possible, after going for this goal, you realize it didn’t align with your priorities, or will take longer than you had planned? What needs to change if so?

Active reflection is very good for knowing what you did well, where you can improve, and where you honestly are on your path. I love to ask myself what I want to do more of, and what I want to do less of, for the next month or quarter. Celebrate the successes, don’t dwell on the bumps, and learn from it all!

6) Plan for Setbacks. Okay this one was going to be a bonus, because 6 tips instead of 5 is just weird lol, but it’s SO IMPORTANT. You will not do this perfectly. You will not nail it every day. This year may be YOUR YEAR, but that doesn’t mean it will be without struggle. If you go into a goal, and have no plan for set backs, you’re walking into failure through delusion.

You will screw up, you will get sick, you will forget your lunch, your kid will puke, then your dog, then your kid will puke on the dog, things are going to happen. There will be weddings and vacations and holidays and you will slip. That is just the name of the game. So the question is, what is your plan for when that happens?

I always gave my self a 7 day rule. I read, about 10 years ago, that after 7 days there is still no momentum lost in cardio endurance. It stuck with me, as long as I never made it to the 8th day, I hadn’t actually taken any steps back. I put that rule in place for myself with my fitness, my business and anything else I was focused on. Stuff happens, but no matter what, by day 8, I get back on track. Make sure you have your own plan in place that works for you!


I hope this was helpful and I look forward to celebrating an amazing year of growth, goals and life change, with you!!!


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