So I Guess I’m Blogging Now …

Recently Adam, a blogger over at PracticalPaleolithic.com  and author of pretty much my favorite book right now, The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link,  posted on the Strong is the New Skinny Facebook page that he was going to feature some other bloggers and call it the SINS Angel Series.

I found the idea fantastic and of course clicked “like”. Adam quickly requested the link to MY blog…uh my blog??? Yeah about that … it’s been on the to do list for a year now, don’t hold your breath. Since that day I’ve thought of no less than 50 things I want to blog about immediately, so yeah I guess I am blogging now 😛

Bear with me while I figure out how to use any of this stuff and I would like to warn you in advance that there will be both spelling, and grammatical errors in most posts. If the misuse of your and you’re is a problem for you, you should probably not subscribe 😉 What you will find is a lot of personality, a lot about food, fitness, fun, and me!

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