Vegan Tropical Shakeology Popsicles


You guys know I am always finding fun uses for my Shakeology. You can’t heat it, so I do a lot of no bake pies, or cookies, but you CAN freeze it! Alas, popsicles were born.

I had done this before with chocolate Shakeology, but never a fun fruity one like this.



I took 1 scoop of Tropical Strawberry Shakeology and mixed it with 10 oz of water and a cup of coconut milk. After letting sit for 5 minutes, I blended in one full banana. I stirred (yes stirred not blended) in strawberry chunks. I wish I had some pineapple pieces, but we were out.

Poured into molds, let sit over night. Ta-da! Healthy, vegan, kid friendly dessert. They were great and the chunks of fruit were a great touch. 😀

You can get the vegan Shakeology, as well as the chocolate and greenberry flavors, from my site at www.AmbersHealthyShake.com. Contact me with any questions!

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  1. / There are lots of interesting reeicps for Shakeology but if you ask me, the most important one is add scoop of protein powder and and some skim milk, shake it up and go! I can’t count how many times I’ve had to run out the door for an early meeting, but drank Shakeology as a meal replacement that keeps me satisfied for a few hours. It’s so much healthier, and even quicker, than a fast food drive thru breakfast.

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